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If you don't want it, The Junk Monster
will take it away! An alternative to the big,
expensive green dumpster.

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The Junk Monster will take just
about anything! We offer junk and trash
removal services for home & business.

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Here's a brain teaser: What's ten feet long, five feet deep, eight feet wide, and shines a bright purple, yellow, black, and green? It's The Junk...

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The Junk Monster is your full-service, Eco-Friendly junk removal company serving Winchester, VA and the tri-state area. We offer junk removal services for...

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How Much Junk Do You Have?

Our pricing is based on volume. Our truck holds 15-20 cubic yards of material (approximately 5-6 standard pickup loads). You only pay for the space your items take up on the truck. There are never any hidden fees or unexplained surcharges.

Hazardous materials such as paint, gasoline, fertilizers, cleaners, pesticides, herbicides, oils and anti-freeze, fluorescent light bulbs are not accepted because of strict laws prohibiting us from transporting these items.

We give an allotment of 2 hours to fill the truck, anything over that time, may have additional charges.

If extensive sorting/packing is required, a $75.00 per 1/2 hour will be charged in addition to the volume cost of the junk removal.

Renovation debris, sheetrock/drywall, lumber, wood piles, misc. cement/concrete are accepted, but have weight surcharges from ..$50.00-$100.00 per Truck Load


Minimum Charge $175
1/8 Load $250
1/4 Load $325
1/2 Load $400
3/4 Load $475
Full Load $550

Please note: Some items are considered hazardous and need special handling, therefore the following surcharges apply:

Tires without Rims $10
Tires with Rims $20
Monitors $50
TVs $50-100
Pianos $400-600
Jacuzzi / Hot Tub  $400-800   
Swing Set / Playground  $400-800




The Junk Monster

P.O. Box 1882, Winchester Va 22604
Telephone: 540-550-JUNK


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