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If you don't want it, The Junk Monster
will take it away! An alternative to the big,
expensive green dumpster.

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The Junk Monster will take just
about anything! We offer junk and trash
removal services for home & business.

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Here's a brain teaser: What's ten feet long, five feet deep, eight feet wide, and shines a bright purple, yellow, black, and green? It's The Junk...

Mon, 2011-09-12 20:27

The Junk Monster is your full-service, Eco-Friendly junk removal company serving Winchester, VA and the tri-state area. We offer junk removal services for...

Mon, 2011-08-22 22:39

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Junk Hauling Martinsburg

What We Do

Got old furniture, appliances, electronics, tires, construction debris, or yard waste you need hauled away. The Junk Monster can take away almost any material that we can fit into our truck, without you ever lifting a finger. We’ll remove the items from wherever they are located.

Our rates are based on how much space your junk takes up in our truck. Our professionally trained team will arrive in clean uniforms, driving a clean fully-equipped junk removal truck. You simply indicate the items you want removed and we do the rest.

How It Works

Step 1. The Call
Give us a call at 540-550-JUNK (5865) and let us know what type of junk you need hauled away. Big or small we haul it all. From old furniture and appliances to yard waste and construction debris, we haul away practically everything. If you’re not sure, call us and we will be happy to assist you.

Step 2. The Appointment
Once we are on site, we’ll measure out the junk to be removed and provide you with an up-front all inclusive quote and same day removal. All you need to do is point, and we do all the lifting and loading. It’s that simple. Once completed, we’ll do a sweep up of the area and we’ll be on our way.

Step 3. The Satisfaction
This is the best part yet. Once your junk has been removed, you will feel the relief of being clutter free. No more I need to get rid of that, or the next weekend I’ll clean the garage. Getting rid of junk is quite therapeutic. Give The Junk Monster a call!

The Junk Monster Advantage

  • Our truck holds approximately  9 pickup loads
  • Fully licensed & insured
  • Upfront pricing and no hidden fees
  • Most competitive rates
  • On-time, uniformed & courteous team

What Happens To The Junk

First we try to donate all items possible! We work with local non-profit organizations through out the Tri-State area.

We recycle or donate as much as 70% of all items.

Environmental responsibility is important at The Junk Monster and we are committed to improving our environmental practices.

The Junk Monster Environmental Program

At The Junk Monster we believe that together we can make a difference for future generations by focusing on responsible environmental practices today. We are committed to improving our environmental performance by measuring the amount of junk collected and reporting where it goes. Better servicing our customers, enhancing our communities, and being transparent in our diversion statistics, energy consumption, and environmental impact is a top priority at The Junk Monster.

Full Service vs Dumpsters

Lower minimum charges Higher minimum charges
All Labor Included No labor included
Fast Same Day Removal Dumpster sits for multiple days
We recycle more Often less recycling
Upfront Rates Drop off, Pick up, Disposal Fees

Low Fixed Rates
We are more affordable than dumpster or disposal bin rentals and we do all of the work for you. Additionally, dumpster or bin rentals could damage your property - using The Junk Monster is a quick and easy process.

Our rates also go up in small increments but on a discount by volume, therefore, you receive great value when you use The Junk Monster

Up front pricing
The Junk Monster provides you with service that includes all labor and disposal fees. Other services will bill you for the weight of the items they dispose of after the removal has been completed.


The Junk Monster

P.O. Box 1882, Winchester Va 22604
Telephone: 540-550-JUNK


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